ABL Blanket Rate


  • Are you an ASCAP Blanket License station?
  • Do you produce your local news or other local programming?

Then you should elect the new ASCAP ABL license and qualify for a discount from your ASCAP blanket license fee!!!!

All you have to do is elect the ABL license with ASCAP before January 31, 2015 (or after that date for later qualification). ASCAP will then bill you the net amounts due on a monthly basis.

In order to elect this license form, you will need to send ASCAP an email electing the new ABL license at tvlicensing@ascap.com before January 31, 2015 and sign the new ABL license below:

ASCAP Adjustable Blanket License (ABL).pdf

For more information on the ASCAP ABL please click the following TMLC industry letter issued on 1/8/15 – ASCAP ABL_Industry Letter_1-8-15.pdf

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new license type please contact Alixandra Steier at 301.961.1970 or alix@televisionmusic.com.

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