11/6/14 – Proposed Final Order: TVMLC-BMI_Proposed Final Order_11-6-14.pdf


Links to Licenses:

Blanket – https://tvmlc.com/bmi/licenses/traditional-blanket/

Per Program – https://tvmlc.com/bmi/licenses/per-program/

AFBL – https://tvmlc.com/bmi/licenses/afbl-blanket/




10/18/13 – It has come to our attention that BMI has requested a general license covering a local television station’s website in addition to that station’s blanket license. This is an improper request. Under the recently negotiated settlement with BMI, all public performances of BMI-repertory music streamed on local television station websites are covered by the new local television station license. A separate license covering local station websites is not required.

If you receive a demand for such a general license please let us know. Questions?

Call Alixandra Steier at 301-961-1970 or contact her by email at alix@televisionmusic.com.


2/5/2013 – BMI and Television Music License Committee reach license settlement.  Click below to view Joint Announcement.

You should receive a credit against your BMI Blanket Fees for March reflecting a reduction in blanket fees effective January 1, 2013.  Per Program fees were also reduced and that reduction should be reflected in your per program reports filed for January of this year.




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