Performing Rights Amendment
The following is an amendment to the agreement dated between ____________________ (hereinafter “Supplier”) and ___________________(hereinafter “Station”) concerning musical compositions and recordings thereof that are the subject of the referenced agreement, whether expressly referred to in the agreement or otherwise in possession of Station (hereinafter the “Material”). For the purpose of satisfying the reporting requirements of any “per program” music performing rights license agreement entered into between Station and any performing rights societies, Station and Supplier hereby agree as follows:1. Grant of performing rights: Not withstanding anything to the contrary contained in the referenced agreement, Supplier hereby grants to Station, its successors and assigns, the rights to publicly perform the Material in and in connection with Station’s Locally Produced Programming. For this purpose, Locally Produced Programming is hereby defined as all programming produced by Station with the exception of promos, commercials and PSA’s. Station shall not be required to make any additional payments nor report individual uses of the Material (nor the titles, composers or publishers thereof) to Supplier, any performing rights society or to any other third party.

2. Notification: Supplier will notify the applicable performing rights societies of the titles, composers and publishers of all of the Materials licensed hereunder.

3. Warranties, representations and indemnification: Supplier warrants and represents that it owns or administers the copyrights in and to the Material and has the full right, power and authority to make this agreement and to grant the rights granted herein on behalf of itself and any composers, publishers or third parties. Supplier agrees to indemnify Station and Station’s agents and anyone else connected with the use of the Material pursuant to this agreement against, and hold harmless from, any liability, actions, claims, demands, expenses and damages for license fees, or other amounts paid to any copyright owner or performing rights society based upon the use of the Material pursuant to this agreement and warranties and representations contained herein.

Agreed on behalf of Supplier: Agreed on behalf of Station:
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