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New York
1900 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
Tel: (212) 621-6000
Fax: (212) 621-8453

Two Music Square West
Nashville, TN 37203
Tel: (615) 742-5000
Fax: (615) 742-5020


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ASCAP Licenses


The TVMLC and ASCAP have agreed upon terms for new license agreements effective July 1, 2019. These terms are confidential and ASCAP will be distributing the license agreements to the stations. The TVMLC staff is available to discuss the terms of your stations’ license agreements with you should you have any questions once you receive the documents.

ASCAP Updates


1-6-2017 TVMLC ASCAP Interim Agreement
5-13-16 Department of Justice (DoJ) Contempt Action Claiming Violation of ASCAP Consent Decree:
1-14-15, ASCAP Final Order:
8-9-12, Court approved ASCAP Settlement. Please click the link below to view PDF of ASCAP order:
6-7-12, Settlement with ASCAP for 2010-2016:
12-19-11, ASCAP Rate Court Petition:

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