How we got here...

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1. The History of Television Music Performance Rights
2. The Creation of ASCAP
3. BMI
4. The 1941 ASCAP and BMI Consent Decrees
5. The 1950 ASCAP Amended Final Judgment
6. Television-ASCAP License Agreements
7. The Voice of Alabama Proceeding
8. The Shenandoah Proceeding
9. The CBS Antitrust Suit
10. The Buffalo Broadcasting Antitrust Proceeding
11. The Buffalo Broadcasting Rate Proceeding
12. BMI Shareholder Actions
13. Cable Television Rate Decisions
14. The Amended BMI Consent Decree
15. The Fox Proceeding
16. The SESAC-Local Television Agreement
17. The Second Amended Final Judgment (“AFJ2”)
18. The BMI-Background Music Decision

Current Status of Local Television Industry Licenses

ASCAP: 1998-Present
BMI: 2002-Present
SESAC: 2002-Present