U.S. copyright law entitles the owners of copyrights in musical compositions to control the public performance of their copyrighted music.  When television stations broadcast programs containing copyrighted music, they are making public performances of the compositions and, subject to few exceptions, need a performing rights license. Producers of television programs and commercials usually do not pay for the music performance rights that stations need. Since most television programs and commercials contain copyrighted music from one or more of the PROs’ repertories, having a license with all three PROs provides protection from copyright infringement risks. If your station could license all of the music contained in its broadcasts directly from the copyright owners or through the suppliers of the programming and commercials, you would not need PRO licenses, but we are not aware of any station that attempts to license 100% of its music directly.




Alternative Blanket License (ABL)
Where you should send your ASCAP Licenses


Per Program License
Adjustable Fee Blanket License (AFBL)


Per Program License



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