The Television Music License Committee (TVMLC) is a non-profit trade association, that represents all full-power, commercial television stations in the United States and its territories in negotiations for music performing rights licenses that stations sign with the two largest Performing Rights Organizations (PRO's), ASCAP and BMI. Through a settlement of a lawsuit filed by some broadcasters and funded by the TVMLC, SESAC has agreed to negotiate industry-wide licenses with the Committee through 2035.

We also design the method of allocating industry-wide fees among all of the stations licensed by ASCAP, BMI and SESAC (the vast majority of local television stations), subject to agreement of the PRO or court approval and then calculate the fees billed to each individual station. After stations sign their individual agreements, we try to help resolve problems between stations and all of the PRO's. We are the station's advocate.

If you have any questions regarding music licensing please contact Alixandra Steier at 301.961.1970 or email her at Also, if you would like to stay updated on the most current music licensing matters please join our email list by emailing

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TMLC Board Members

The Television Music License Committee, LLC Board consists of 23 members. The TMLC is a collected group of broadcasters that are the voice of the industry in music performance rights.

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TMLC Staff Contacts

NYC Office: 212.308.9040
MD Office: 301.961.1970
W. Hoyt Cell: 917.414.5893

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For questions or concerns regarding the latest status please contact Alixandra Steier via email or the TMLC MD office.

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