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Blanket Licenses

All licenses can be emailed directly to [email protected]

SESAC Updates


*2020-2023 Licenses available in section above

We are pleased to announce that SESAC and the Television Music License Committee (TVMLC) have finalized music performance license agreements for the local TV industry. The agreements are the local television station blanket and per program license agreements (Licenses) for performance rights to music in the SESAC repertory for the period from January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2023.

Please read below for final details and instructions on your next steps:

  1. Review and sign the performance license agreements for your stations:

Option 1: If you are receiving this email, SESAC will soon be emailing you instructions and a copy of the agreements for your electronic signature.

Option 2: The final blanket and per program license agreements can also be found on TVMLC’s website at  and on SESAC’s website at!/tvmlc . Please follow the on-screen instructions on how to download, sign and submit the license agreements.

  1. Invoicing Updates (Blanket License Fee, Per Program and Administrative Fees):

The following information explains how the new terms of the agreements are being reflected in May’s invoice.

Blanket License Fee:

‘TVMLC True-up Credit Memo or Invoice’ This is the difference between the Monthly Blanket License Fees (under the previous licenses) already billed for January-April 2020 and the Final 2020 Monthly Blanket License Fees under the new agreement for your stations for January-April 2020 as allocated by the TVMLC. The invoice for May’s Monthly Blanket License Fee will reflect the new monthly blanket license fee for your station as allocated by the TVMLC.

Per Program Fee:

The May invoice will reflect the billing for the January 2020 per program fee  and will include the new economic terms of the final per program agreement.

 Per Program Administrative Fee:

‘TVMLC True-up Credit Memo’ This is the difference between the Interim Per Program Administrative Fee already billed for January- April 2020 and the new January- April 2020 monthly allocation as provided by the TVMLC. The invoice for May’s per program administrative fee will reflect the new monthly per program administrative fee as allocated by the TVMLC. The new fee is lower than the old fee.   Please note the allocation can be adjusted monthly to reflect additions or deletions of stations electing the Per Program License.

We are pleased that SESAC and the Committee have been able, once again, to negotiate terms for industrywide blanket and per program licenses.  If you have any questions regarding your station’s allocated fees, please contact the TVMLC – Janet McHugh – [email protected] or 917-750-3166. Questions about your SESAC invoice or license should be directed to SESAC at [email protected]